Zendesk Theme Installation Process

Thank you for downloading our theme. This document covers the installation, set up, and use of this theme and provides answers and solutions to common problems and issues. We encourage you to read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this document, feel free to email us.

Note: Our Free Zendesk theme installation process is the same across all themes. That is the reason we only showing one installation process.

Zendesk Theme Installation Process – API v2 (version-4.0.3)

Few words on start

Our Zendesk theme is our most advanced and sophisticated theme we built so far. It is very easy to setup and use, with one click import. Available only on Customer Support Theme!

If you don’t want to install the theme from yourself, you can purchase an installation service, and our team will install the theme in your Zendesk account with your brand colors and images.

You can also share your customization points. We’ll do as per your needs.

How to install

Important Note: If you have been using the Zendesk default theme or custom theme, you don’t have to worry about taking backup of the theme code files and assets. You can always revert to default theme.

  • Download the theme files (ZIP file) from your account in customersupporttheme.com . ZIP file name will be like this – “vertio-zendesk-theme-4.0.3”
  • Login as admin into your Zendesk Help Center
  • Click on “Guide admin” link (appearing on top right side)
    Guide admin
  • Click on “Customize design” option
    Customize icon
  • Click on “Add theme” button (you can also drag n drop theme ZIP here)
    Add theme
  • When you’ll click on “Add theme” option, you can see the “Import theme” option (you can upload your theme here)
  • After click on “Import theme” option, Attach your downloaded Zendesk theme (zip file)
  • Theme will be activated in your Zendesk account. You can set it for your Live Help Center
    Active theme

Congratulations! Now theme will be live in your Zendesk support. You can see the preview of your Help Center.

Theme sidebar options and features – DIY(Do it yourself)

The theme comes packed with features that control the colors and various functionality option. This section will document those features and how to use them successfully.

You can find theme options in the customizer. This is actually a live editor for your Help Center –

Here you can change:

  • Logo and Favicon option in “Brand” section
  • In “Hero unit” section
    • Hide/Show banner image
    • Header/Banner background color
    • Hero title
    • Search placeholder text
  • You can update your brand colors as per your need in “Colors” section
  • Update your font-family in “Fonts” option
  • Homepage community button background image in Images section
  • In “Home page elemets” section
    • Hide/Show Promoted articles
    • Hide/Show Recently viewed article
    • Hide/Show Recent activity
    • Categories icon background color
  • Update your social media URLs in “Footer social media links” option
  • Many option are available in sidebar according templates. You can see the option and update it as per your needs…
  • After update all points click on “Save” button

Update category block icons on homepage

See below instruction –

  • Click on “Edit code” option
    Edit code
  • Go to the “document_head.hbs” template and go to the bottom area. Just add your helpcenter category ID and and Font Awesome icon path as per your need
    Document head template
  • You can choose your Font Awesome icons here
  • After update all points then click on “Save/Publish”
  • If you want to use your own “Image Icons” instead of “Font Awesome” icons. Just email us our team will help you.

How to find help center category ID

  • Click anyone category of your Help Center
  • Go to the URL (address bar of your browser)
  • You can find your category ID here
    Category ID

Header “MENU” dropdown links

  • Go to the “header.hbs” file and go to the bottom area
  • Just update your own text and links
    Header links
  • Click on “Save/Publish”

General guide settings options

General settings

  • Select “Display unsafe content” (If you want to allow videos, shortcodes etc.. in your articles)
  • You can update your Help Center title here (Help Center name)
  • You can enable/disable the Zendesk logo (appears on footer bottom)
  • You can allow voting for anonymous users
  • You can enable/disable the communities forum

Hurray !! you have installed the theme. Please share your feedback about our Zendesk theme.

If face any issue feel free to contact us (help@selfthemes.com) for any questions or help. You can also use live chat.

If you want remove our attribution(*Theme by Customer Support Theme). You have to purchase the theme license($150). When you’ll purchase the theme with license our team will provide you full support and free future updates. You can see our pricing.