Zendesk Customization Services


Are you confused about how to customize your Zendesk® Help Center / Zendesk® Guide theme? Let us help! Use our services to help with same-day customizations!

You can get an outstanding Help Center by installing one of our ready-for-use Free and Platinum Zendesk® themes.

You can use our service to make your Zendesk Help Center fantastic and easy-to-use for your customers.

We provide customizations, such as:

  1. Will implement logo
  2. Will update your brand colors
  3. Will update your fonts
  4. Will change your icons and images
  5. Will make the header, footer, and layout according to your corporate website
  6. Will update your help center templates layouts as per your need
  7. Other custom customizations

Send us an email about your customized needs and we’ll provide a speedy estimate within 24 hours!

You can reach us at info@selfthemes.com or help@selfthemes.com

Our Customized Help Center

See some of our customized Help Centers, made by our team of Zendesk Theming Experts!